Officer Progression guide

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Officer Progression guide

Post by Buckaroo Banzai on Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:08 pm

This post is about what it takes to be an Officer in Lack of Faith Cartel.

Officer rank in Lack of Faith gives you rights to kick and recruit members. There are only 7 officer spots for now. These are reserved for the highest player rating, CXP contributing and most active members.

Question: Can you get removed from officer ranks?
Answer: YES, if you stop playing as much, and a regular has more player rating and higher attendance and more CXP, a decision can be made that you are now demoted to regular rank and a new person is promoted to Officer.
There are some exceptions to this, some of my officers do very good at recruitment and guild maintenance, those might not fall under the hard rules. You also get more leeway on being gone from the game before being removed.

Question: Do you have to perform guild duties like kicking and recruiting to be an Officer?
Answer: NO, you do not, in fact if its not your Forte' then I would prefer you leave the guild duties to trained Officers. Officers should join the forum and get promoted to admin so they can be in the officer forum for all the rules on managing the Cartel from an Officers perspective.

Officer ranks are really to help reward contribution to the Cartel and those dedicated to the Cartel success. Some of the rules may seem harsh, but this is a mobile game and it requires certain types of rules to keep the Cartel progressing, it's not fair to the Cartel members when people are away for weeks at a time, because then the Cartel has a hard time progressing, and people who are trying to be an officer are left out.

If you have questions or concerns please respond here or leave me a PM. Eventually the Cartel will expand to 10 Officer spots maximum, leaving 30 regular spots.

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