Post from a high PR member on the Kabam forums. He is 3829 PR and didnt spend money to ge there.

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Post from a high PR member on the Kabam forums. He is 3829 PR and didnt spend money to ge there.

Post by Buckaroo Banzai on Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:44 pm

Adding to that, premium crane never give me anything useful anyway except for a couple of blue crews. It never give me any purple stuff even though Ive spent maybe more than 2k chrom on it.

Tbh im kinda sick of people who keeps on criticizing that you have to spend a lot of money to win. This is wrong. Ive never spent any money and atm I have achieved a high PR with 2 orange. I am a beta player but I only started on 31st of August, so ive only been playing this game for 3 weeks! (ask Kabam to verify all of this if need be)

Just be smart guys.

- Leveling punishes u, so avoid story missions and daily credit missions and just do assault missions until your gears r maxed. Ive only started the story mission again when I reached lvl 40.. and for credit, just do repeatables and sell the desh.

- Focus on your gears n which assault missions r suitable for your gears. Right now, 4 out of 6 of my gears r all rebel gears, so I only do assault in anoat. Dont worry about your cartel opp if its in another planet (and dont worry about battle readiness meter, let other players focus on assaulting which planet to get the SB).

- Yes, all the upgrading crystals are hard to get, but BE PATIENT. atm, to get just one of my rebel gear to 6 star, I will need 23 more 4 star lothalite (to get 3x 5 star lothalite), and based on this i might get the crystals i needed in 3-4 days (and that just for 1 gear, have to times another 4. It took me almost one whole week just to get the crystals for my weapon).

- Crews r important. They always give good stuff. So anytime u get gears (from daily opp or scrips), keep em, level them up, upgrade them n max them.

- SECTOR BATTLE: only those aim for #1 rank (General) will have to spend money for chrom. If you aim only for Commander rank, (top 100), its very very achievable, just aim for the VP enough to get you in the 90th position, might only take u grinding for 4 hours-ish. The rewards are worth it too.

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