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Newx's New Player Guide

Post by Buckaroo Banzai on Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:49 pm

1. Introduction

So you’ve added Star Wars: Uprising to your ever expanding app drawer. You’ve loaded it up, done a few missions but now you’re confused. Nothing makes any sense. You’ve got a million questions. Well, this guide is here to help you guide your way through your first bunch of gear sets until you have a hang of what is going on. I won’t be covering the following as they really deserve their own threads;

• Sector Battles
• Abilities
• Gear theorycraft
• Cartels

Ok, let’s begin.

2. Your First Steps

By now you probably have a full set of Street Punk to wear and have some new pew shootah and you’re ready to blap Happy in the face. You’ve got access to Burnin Konn dailies which I will quickly describe:

• Assault Missions are your “Gear Finding” Missions. You can do 5 of these daily. This scales to your level and gives EXP.
• Credit Missions are for finding credits and Crystals (more on Crystals shortly). You can do 1 of these per planet daily. This scales to your level and gives EXP.
• Repeatable Mission is where you go to farm “Desh”. You can run this as much as you want. These missions are staggered in tiers of 5, and always have a set PR.

There is also Opportunity Missions and Cartel Missions which you will unlock later, and aren’t necessary to be covered in this guide.

So, what do you do? How do you progress? It’s both simple and complex and leaves many people frustrated or bewildered, but very easy to understand once you have gotten the hang of it. I’ll get on with explaining this further, but for now let’s look at some tables and explain some of the core mechanics of the game! (YAY!!)

3. Chunah? Agrocite? Carbonite? OH MY!

One of the main things to understand in this game is upgrading your gear. You won’t get very far if you don’t. Below is a table that details what crystals your gear needs to upgrade and what any piece of gear will salvage into.

Weapon/Armor Set Name

Chunah (Syndicate)

Berubium (Trade)

Lothalite (Rebel)

Halvod (Imperial)

Agrocite (Weapon)

Aurodium (Attack)

Lethanide (Armor)

Carbonite (Utility)

Kiax (Balanced)

Assault Blade X X
Assault Rifle/Pistol X X
Bodyguard X X
Carbine Rifle/Pistol X X
Duelist Blade X X
Enforcer X
Guerilla X X
Hutt Guard X
Parry Blade X X
Repeating Rifle/Pistol X X
Retraction Blade X X
Scavenger X
Smuggler X X
Street Punk X
Survivalist X
Target Rifle X X
Trooper X X
*Credit to for the table and for this section.

From here, it is only a matter of getting used to the symbols in-game and the crystal’s appearance in your inventory. Here’s a brief run-down.
The first symbol for armor is usually the faction symbol (with the exception of the starter gear (Street Punk, Hut Guard, Scavenger, and Survivalist) which only has the second symbol) and each armor set corresponds to one faction.

• Enforcer: Syndicate: Chunah
• Bodyguard: Trade: Berubium
• Smuggler: Trade: Berubium
• Guerilla: Rebel: Lothalite
• Trooper: Imperial: Havod

The second icon on armor is the stat distribution, which is the same for every piece of a set and corresponds to a crystal as well.

• Blaster icon: Enforcer/Street Punk: Offensive: Aurodium - This set has highest Attack Rating
• Shield Icon: Bodyguard/Hut Guard/Trooper: Defensive: Lanthanide - This set has the highest Armor Rating
• Backpack Icon: Smuggler/Scavenger: Utility: Carbonite - This set has the highest Utility Rating
• Blaster in front of shield icon: Guerilla/Survivalist: Balanced: - Kiax This set has balanced stats

Keeping up? Good.

Next we need to know which planet all of this gear drops. You can’t farm Burnin Konn and hope to get Guerilla set. It doesn’t work that way thankfully.



Basic Armor Set

Armor Set

Melee Weapon

Ranged Weapon

Burnin Konn Lanthanide Street Punk Bodyguard Parry Repeating
Mataou Aurodium Hutt Guard Enforcer Assault Assault
Hoth Carbonite Survivalist Smuggler Retraction Carbine
Anoat Kiax Scavenger Guerilla Duelist Target
Awesome. Now we know that if we want to farm Bodyguard armor, we have to go to Burnin Konn. If we want to upgrade Bodyguard armor, we have to farm Burnin Konn for the Berubium and the Lanthanide (which we can get from salvaging Bodyguard armor pieces or the daily credits mission).
This why this next sentence is important;

Do NOT overextend!

You may want to do an assault mission on Hoth, then another on Mataou and then skip on down to Anoat…. But you will only hinder yourself in the long run. Later on in the game you can do whatever you like, but while you are starting up, it is imperative you get yourself on a good flow ASAP.

4. Everything uses the Tier System

I mean everything. Crystals and Desh start out at 1 star and progress up to 7 stars, getting more expensive and requiring more and more materials along the way. Gear is also the same, but only progresses 2 stars at a time. The thing with gear though is it doesn’t matter whether you upgraded it to 3 stars (green) or it dropped having 3 stars (meaning it can be upgraded to 5 stars total), it will still have the same stats at that star level. Hopefully that made sense. If it didn’t, don’t stress, you’ll quickly see what I mean.

All gear has Attack Rating, Armor Rating and Utility Rating.

• 1* items will have no bonus stats
• 2* items will have the first bonus stat (Stat 1)
• 3* items will have the first two bonus stats (Stat 1 and 2) and higher values than 2*
• 4*+ items will have all 3 bonus stats and higher values than the previous rank

Now for the bonus stats:


Stat 1

Stat 2

Stat 3

Bodyguard Dodge Chance Block Chance Resistance
Enforcer Melee Damage Block Chance Resistance
Smuggler Attack Speed Crit Chance Crit Damage
Guerilla Accuracy Armor Penetration Ranged Protection
Trooper Ranged Damage Armor Penetration Resistance
Assault Blade Melee Damage Block Chance Crit Chance
Parry Blade Melee Protection Block Chance Crit Chance
Refraction Blade Resistance Block Chance Crit Chance
Duelist Blade Movement Speed Block Chance Crit Chance
Assault Rifle Ranged Damage Armor Penetration Dodge Chance
Repeating Rifle Ranged Protection Armor Penetration Dodge Chance
Carbine Rifle Resistance Armor Penetration Dodge Chance
Target Rifle Movement Speed Armor Penetration Dodge Chance
Assault Pistol Ranged Damage Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Repeating Pistol Ranged Protection Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Carbine Pistol Resistance Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Target Pistol Movement Speed Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Wookie Bowcaster Resistance Armor Penetration Dodge Chance
Bowcaster Ranged Damage Armor Penetration Dodge Chance
*Again thanks to for this section.

5. The Player Rating System Explained

The first thing to make sense of is how mission scaling works in this game. Knowing how this scales when you level up is important as it allows you to plan ahead accordingly. You gain 20 PR each time you level up. Ignoring the first bunch of story missions (they scale weirdly), it’s a very simple equation.

• Tier 1: (Player level*20)
• Tier 2: (Player level*20)*2.05
• Tier 3: (Player level*20)*2.98
• Tier 4: (Player level*20)*5.37

Knowing this, at the current level cap (40), you’ll need:

• Tier 1: 800
• Tier 2: 1,640
• Tier 3: 2,384
• Tier 4: 4,296

Don’t get disheartened though. All of this is achievable.

So, why do you need to know this? Because levels in this game matter, a lot. You will end up bored and distressed if you try and rush through the story getting mediocre drops and never able to progress out of Tier 1. There will come times when you’ve just managed to access T3. Barely scraped it in. You will feel jubilant and exhilarated. And then, you levelled up. Now you’re back in T2 missions and ready to uninstall. Manage your level, keep your gear up-to-date and you’ll have a good time.

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Re: Newx's New Player Guide

Post by Buckaroo Banzai on Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:50 pm

6. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough of the technical voodoo… just tell me what to do.

Fine. I’ll make this as simple as I can.

Do the story up until you can salvage/sell gear and then forget about it. I mean it. Don’t even look at it. You want to wait until you are in mostly green/blue gear at a minimum (which really does not take long to do, you just have to be dedicated). Why? Because you want to be doing the best possible tier you can for the best rewards in the story, as the drops are guaranteed. It is very unlikely you’ll be doing T4 in the story unless you shell out some $$$ on the Premium Crane, or you’re willing to Farm purple gear and be level 40 before you continue it.
We will start from the Weathered Bodyguard set (as it’s one of the first you unlock, but you can replace it with any set/weapon really) and work our way up from there.

1. Start off by doing your limited daily missions on Burnin Konn. You might be in T1 but that’s ok. The goal here is to start obtaining some T2 Lanthanide and T2 Berubium. You’ll need 5+ of each so get cracking. Salvage any excess gear that drops to obtain these crystals.
2. Farm Desh after you have done your dailies, and level up your gear to MAX. If you run low on credits, sell Desh until you have a stockpile.
3. Once all your gear is MAX and you have enough crystals, press that shiny upgrade button. Congrats, you are now wearing T3 (Green gear)! You’ll notice that you now only have 1 star left on this set, and it will now be called Patched Bodyguard.
4. Your PR has now skyrocketed and you will easily have access to T2 Missions. Keep farming Desh and get your new gear back up to MAX. Gear levels in this game is vital to keeping your PR up. A level 21 Green Chest has more PR than a level 1 Purple Chest. Remember that.
5. Start farming T2 dailies. You’ll start obtaining a new set called Stock Bodyguard. DO NOT SALVAGE! Put this set aside for now. If you get any duplicates though, salvage it without mercy. Let me reiterate something; there is 0 stat difference between the Stock Bodyguard Set and the Patched Bodyguard Set. The only difference between these 2 items is how far you can upgrade them tier-wise.
6. Keep farming Desh and start upgrading your Stock Bodyguard Set to MAX. Hopefully within a few days you will have enough T3 Lanthanide and Berubium to upgrade your Patched Bodyguard Set to it’s final tier; T4 Blue Refined Bodyguard. Max this T4 set, and you should have enough PR to gain access to T3 missions! OMGWTFPROGRESS!!
7. Start farming T3 missions, keeping all the blue drops and salvaging the green drops. Upgrade your T3 Stock Bodyguard Set to T4 Altered Bodyguard and then MAX the levels again.
8. Once you’ve finished MAXing the T4 Altered Bodyguard set, equip it and salvage the old blue set that cannot be upgraded anymore.

From here on out, you will have steady access to T3 missions, a MAX T4 set capable of being upgraded to T5 Purple, and maybe a few T4 Standard Bodyguard pieces. You now understand the basics of the gear grind. Where you go from here is up to you.
You can start the real grind getting your T4 Standard Bodyguard Set to T6 Orange.
Maybe another set of gear has caught your eye?
Or maybe you’re absolutely craving to get on with the story?

The Galaxy is now your oyster.

7. The Armory or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Progression

Alright, something you may have been wondering reading the above section is “Why didn’t he tell me to equip the Stock Bodyguard Set straight away and make me waste time on the Patched Bodyguard set?”

The answer, in a nutshell? The Armory.

Every single tier is tracked in the armory, including the practically useless ones. It works like this;

1. When you discover a new piece of gear, you get some credits and some scrip. This is why there is so many different variations of T3/4/5/6 gear.
2. When you MAX the levels on that piece in that tier, you get 15 Chromium.
3. Completing a full set unlocks a blueprint to upgrade your crew, which is vital for progression.

If you followed the above section you will have gained (at a minimum):

• 375 Chromium
• $12,500 Credits
• 25 Scrip
• 5 Blueprints

Thanks to one of the blueprints (Patched Bodyguard) you can upgrade your Tryken to T3.

8. Speaking of Tryken…

Crew Runs. I feel they’re fairly self-explanatory but I will give a brief run-down.

Each crew member has a Background and a Preference. Some crew members also have a Special skill. The background is the white icon, and the preference is the coloured icon. Your crew members can have any combination of the list below.

• Criminal
• Diplomatic
• Imperial
• Technical
• Warfare

• Defensive
• Offensive
• Stealth

You’ll notice on the Crew Run screen that there is a “Crew Weakness” checkbox. Try and match it and get as close to 100% as possible. Crew weakness gives a small buff to the effectiveness of that crew member in that run. I always find I have to play “Shuffle the Crew Members” to get the optimal stats for each run. If you manage to get 100% and there is an empty slot or two, awesome! Chuck in your lowest level crew member for some free, easy EXP. You don’t necessarily have to assign ALL your Criminal(s) to the run with Criminal Weakness, just the one will do to get the benefit.


As the name implies, these runs are dangerous. Your crew members can either die or go MIA. The only way to prevent that from happening is having 100% success chance. Personally, I won’t do any dangerous mission that isn’t 100% success chance. It’s up to you if you, just don’t cry if you do lose your super amazing crew member.

Is everything starting to falling in place now? It’s clicked, hasn’t it? You no longer need me. You’re ready to go out there and win this farming simulator/inventory management game. I’ll guess I will close this out with a few….

9. Pro Tips

In a nice bullet format.

• You have 5 gear set options in your inventory character pane. Use #1 as your main set, and devote the rest to sets you are working on. This will prevent you from accidentally selling/salvaging as they do not appear in the menu.
• Don’t bother upgrading Desh. At all. Ever. Not even to make space in your components tab. If you need to make space, sell it or use it on something. Strictly speaking, on a credit/XP ratio, you lose money upgrading and applying it.
• Later on in the game, when you are working on your purple sets, do not salvage your lower sets. Instead upgrade them to the final star (don’t MAX them though) and then salvage. This will give you much higher returns on your crystals. The cost and volume to combine crystals in the components tab is MUCH MUCH higher than it is to upgrade the item and then salvage. It costs 6 T2 crystals to upgrade to 1 T3 crystal. It only takes 2 T2 crystals and a small chunk of Desh to upgrade a piece of gear to T3, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a T3 crystal in return.
• Keep 100 Chromium on hand at all time for Sector Battles. You never know when you’ll get an Imperial Opportunity run
• Inventory Storage > Crew Storage > Crane is how you should focus your Chromium expenditure.
• The Scrip Crane is a great way to get low tier everything. Don’t discount it’s usefulness.
• When in doubt, ask in global, someone will know the answer.
• You can have multiplies of crew members. Keep 1 at max level/stars, train the other one to max level. When s/he’s finished training to max as well, “Retire” him/her for a large credit boost. Don’t worry, you keep your blueprints forever.
• The biggest bottlenecks in the game is Agrocite (Weapon Crystals) and Credits, so hoard them where you can.

10. Closing Out

Thank you again to for amazing post on Reddit. Saved me a lot of hassle.

Thanks of course to Kabam for this intriguing little game.

I hope this short guide has helped you. If you feel some areas could use further expansion let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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